• Woman who advocated for former inmates died Sunday


    CHARLOTTE, N.C. - Ramona Brant, a woman who was a tireless advocate for the formerly incarcerated, died Sunday morning.

    Brant worked to gain fair access to jobs and housing for those who spent time behind bars.

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    She championed the re-entry movement, saying that those who have paid their debt to society should not continue to be punished after their release.

    Channel 9 investigated the push to provide former offenders with more opportunities, which may reduce recidivism by more than 90 percent.

    Brant drew upon her own experience after being sentenced to life in prison after a first-time, non-violent offense.

    In 2016, President Barack Obama granted her clemency and Brant was released after having served 21 years.

    After viewing her story on Channel 9 in 2016, officials with the City of Charlotte hired Brant as a talent acquisition associate.

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